Practice Notebooks
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You can cut and paste, place Post-it® Notes 
or just write your information in your Practice Notebook. 
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Create your own indivdualized guide to patient care.This Notebook is designed in an easy to use format. 
Input your notations, facts and pearls to develop a patient care management tool, one that is specific to your practice needs. Organize practice skills and enjoy greater success in your career.

"Put your insulin charts under Endo, Cardiac Arrest algorh under Emerg,  put your Hepatitis lab work up under GI. Can't spell menometrorrhagia-put it in the book. If there is not a system in the book you need, use the blank Tab in the back and create your own system."



"The Medical Notebook is perfect for students and practitioners alike. I love the way it is divided up into specialties making the information quick and easy to find. The small book fits in your white coat pocket or can just sit on your desk so you always have it right on hand. The best part is you put whatever information you want in this professional looking book. Every student and provider should have one of these books. I’m so glad I found this product." Betsy Taylor, PA Student

"This book has been a tremendous help to me. It has helped me to keep and organize information that I use on a daily basis. I can conveniently keep my book in my scrub pocket and pull it as as needed." Tammy Collins, MA - Chandler, AZ

"The Medical Practice Notebook enables organization of pearls and important clinical information for all fields. As a hospitalist PA, I use my Medical Practice Notebook on a daily basis. I look up information on subjects I don''t always use that I have previously recorded or add to it when I learn something new. I also keep my Notebook handy when I read journal articles or participate in CME''s, so I can add the most pertinent, evidence based facts. This is a great tool for students and practioners alike!"   Kristen Young, PA-C, MSPAS


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Benefits of Practice Notebooks

  • Personalized approach to patient care
  • Easy to use.
  • Organize and save pearls-notes allowing quick and easy accessibility.
  • Save your favorite treatment algorythm
  • Double pocket folder for storage
  • Organized into sections pertinent to specific profession.
  • Sheets between tabs are lined to promote neatness and clarity.
  • Perfect for family/general practice.
  • Durable, wipes clean easily
  • Sleek and Classy
  • Fits in lab coat